Top 5 Street Food in Dubai

Taste of Authentic Dubai
2nd of December Street is a kilometer and a half stretch of road in Satwa. It is home to old-school eateries and international Homestyle cuisines. The street formerly called Al Diyafah Street and officially renamed in 2011 to honor the UAE's 40th National Day. You will not find fine dining here but if u want delicious and affordable dishes you must watch this street.

Kabayan Cuisine - Ortego's Grill
Ortego's Grill is becoming favorite day by day with their modern take on Kabayan cuisine. Kabayan is a local Filipino cuisine. Adventures foodies and dinners must head for the food to experience mouthwatering taste. The restaurant offers authentic taste of marinated chicken feet, liver and hearts. Flame and grilled to perfection and served with a side portion of rice.
Location: Mankhool Road, North of Satwa Roundabout 
Phone: +971 4 342 5109

Succulent Kebabs - Pars Iranian Kitchen
Pars Iranian Kitchen is at the end of the street. One of the most popular meals of Pars is the Iranian Kebab served with a generous heap of rice, tomatoes, pickles, chilies and lime. The restaurant is famous among families and large number of groups, so it is better to book in advance.
Location: 2nd of December St, before Satwa Roundabout 
Phone: +971 4 398 8787

Sweet treats - Firas Sweets
Firas Sweets serves up portions of bright orange kunafa with the right balance of savoury and sweet. This is the traditional sweet of Middle East, it has a combination of gooey and soft cheese topped. Eat kunafa when it is hot so the cheese remains deliciously soft and stretchy. At Firas, bakers offer plenty of free samples before you decide what you will going to eat.
Location: 2nd of December St, East of Al Wasl Road 
Phone: +971 4 358 0489

Moreish Manakesh - Al Mallah
The restaurant is regarded as one of the city's best Arabic and Lebanese restaurant. Not just famous for the shawarmas (wraps) and manakesh (flatbreads) but for boasting front row seats to people watching along 2nd of December street. Their shawarmas and manakesh are addictive, so it’s better to order for more than one in advance. The people who are in hurry can place takeaway order. But in dining in gives you the best experience.
Location: 2nd of December St, West of Satwa Roundabout 
Phone: +971 4 398 4723

Local Favorite - Ravi Restaurant
Ravi restaurant is named after the river Ravi that flows through both India and Pakistan. The restaurant may look unassuming from outside but offers one of the city’s best interpretations of traditional Pakistani fare. Grab a seat outside in the evening and let the waiters help you deciding your order. The menu ranges from the dhal fry, Peshwari Mutton and the well-loved traditional biryani.
Location: 2nd of December St, before Satwa Roundabout 
Phone: +971 4 398 8787
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