Dubai Metro

Dubai Metro is a rapid transit system in Dubai, UAE. It is a fully automated and driver-less rail network that connects the majors cities of Dubai. Dubai metro was inaugurated in September 2009. Till 2016, Dubai Metro was the world’s longest automated metro network with a route length of 75 kilometers and can handle up to 22,000 passengers per hour. But it still has the world's longest driver-less single metro line, the Red line spanning up to 52.1 km. Around 1.2 million passengers enjoy the 
 Fully automated driver-less Dubai metro service
 Advanced ticketing system 
 Wi-Fi Internet facility
 Security network of 3000+ CCTVs
 Audiovisual devices with LCD screens.


 Total Distance covered: 52.1 km
 Station: 29 (24 elevated, 1 ground level and 4 underground)
 Travel Time: 1 hour 10 mints approx.

Green Line

The Green line started its operations in September 2011. The line consists of 18 stations, runs from Etisalat to Creek. 
 Total Distance covered: 23 km
 Stations: 18 ( 12 elevated, 6 underground and 2 shared stations with Red line)
 Travel Time: 42 mints approx. 
Dubai metro runs 50 trains in peak hours and 27 trains in off peak hours. There is 6 to 8 minutes gap between train service in morning and 5 to 6 minutes gap in evening 

Metro Timetable

Dubai metro runs 7 days in a week, operational timings are: Red Line: 5 am until midnight from Sat to Wed, 5 am until 1 am on Thursday and 10 am to 1 am on Friday Green Line: 5.30 am until midnight Sat to Wed. 5.30 am until 1 am on Thursday and 10 am to 1 am on Friday. 


Each station has bus connections, taxi pickup and places to lock bicycles.
 Stations have elevator and lift access where necessary.
 Wheelchair access and dedicated space for wheelchair users on all trains
 Stations are at 1.5 km on average
 Station Themes: Focuses on one of the four main elements of nature: Air (!1), Earth (12), Fire (11) and water (13)

Train Layout

Each train at Dubai metro is divided into 5 carriages. One carriage has two cabins:
 Gold Class
 Women and Children only
The other 4 carriages are for Standard Class passengers. 

Dubai Metro Ticket/NOL Cards

Dubai metro connects major cities of Dubai, covering one end of the city and the other end. Metro Dubai facilities passengers with convenient, affordable and luxurious ride for price as low as Dh 5.08. NOL card is basically an electronic ticketing card that can hold

 pre-paid funds. NOL means fare in Arabic. Dirhams can be preloaded in the card and the passenger can use the balance on any public transport including metro, buses and water transport, all around Dubai. 

NOL Card Options and Tiers

The Dubai metro map is divided in to certain Tiers and the fare is charged accordingly 
Tier 0 - Less than or equal to 3 km

Tier 1 - Starts and ends in the same zone

 Tier 2 -Exceeds two zones

 Tier 3 -Starts in one & ends in neighboring zone 


Dubai metro has introduced 4 types’ of cards to facilities their customers


Rules and Code of Conduct

•    Pleasedon't push
•    Please respect personal space
•    Please move along the platform

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